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Antibiotics & Botox Do Not Mix!

Flu Vaccines, Covid shots and Antibiotics will interfere with your Botox results!!!

Nurse Ash holding three bottles of Xeomin

When you get a vaccine - it's meant to build antibodies and fight anything foreign entering your body. So if you got vaccinated within 2 weeks of your Botox appointment, please push it back another 2 weeks because the vaccine will not allow the Botox to work! If you just received the vaccine - it will fight against the "foreign toxin (the Botox)" and you will have little to no results.

Same principle applies to antibiotics! If you are on antibiotics - please wait 5 - 14 days after your last dose to get Botox. Antibiotics also "attack" the Botox and not allow for it to work.

Unfortunately if you have to go on antibiotics shortly after Botox, it will probably attack the fresh Botox we put in. These are things we can't always control but we do want to be transparent with you!

Stay healthy this season! Lots of germs going around and please plan / adjust your Botox accordingly.

- XOXO, your anti-aging specialists


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