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My Secret To Flawless Skin

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Retinoids. I REPEAT. Retinoids

Use retinoids! Vitamin A derivatives have been proven to:

  1. Speed up cell turnover and exfoliate - evening out discoloration, age and sun spots, smooth out existing fine lines and wrinkles and brightening skin tone

  2. Unclog pores - making them look smaller, reduces acne and regulate oily skin

Tretinoin, which is what I use, is the most common prescription retinoid, is stronger, more potent and faster-acting than over-the-counter retinol A creams. You must use sunscreen while on retinol / retinoids as skin is more sensitive, increasing the risk of burns, and UV light makes the product less effective

For the first couple weeks, start with a dime sized amount every 3 days before bed, slowly increasing to every other day, until you build up a tolerance and can start applying daily. Make sure you moisturize after applying the cream as it can be very drying!

As much as cosmetic injections will help relax muscle movement and give you a nice plump,

having a smooth canvas to work with will lead to greater satisfaction!

Enjoy your new, beautiful skin! 

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